I’ve just celebrated five years of self-publishing and I’ve decided that it’s time to start to give something back. Over those years I’ve been fortunate to have been helped and encouraged by some wonderful people.
I’ve decided to offer Indie authors like myself the platform to express themselves on this website in a new feature that I’m developing. I’m thinking more about the beginner’s, authors like I was five years ago. People who are struggling to get exposure. As I’ve found, by helping each other we can all benefit.

I’m looking for guest posts about your writing journey, where you see your future, a short story you’ve written, even just a link to your website. Whatever it is, I’ll see if I can find a place for it. Although I primarily write Scifi and Steampunk, I’ll consider anything except erotica, just as long as it’s interesting. As far as possible, I’m happy to schedule posts for when it’s most convenient for you so that you have time to think about what you would like to say.

Subject to my final approval (I have to say that, I don’t want to get sued), you can say what you want about yourself and your writing. No rants about how unfair it all is. For example, you could describe how and why you got started, what you write and how it has been influenced. Include quotes, extracts and covers/blurbs. Obviously put all your links in as well. Perhaps you can give me a short story or freebie that I can offer to showcase your work.

Post size of about 1000 words is good, not including extracts but I don’t want a whole novel! Include photo’s as well. If you want a spot; we can go through all the technical formatting stuff later. I will advertise your post in the same way that I do my own posts, I will leave you to do the same with your contacts.

If you fancy a spot on the Showcase, let me know and we can talk details. Use the comment box below and get in touch!

While you’re here, take a look around my site and grab some freebies!

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22 Responses

  1. Jack Wolfe Frost

    Interesting Richard. And I may be interested in telling my story, from it’s raw beginnings to now, 36 years later. “Still writing my Novel.” Not the first one though, that got shelved . I keep being diverted with ideas for short stories and poems of which I have had several now published. I have 4 short stories as WIPs at the moment and a few poems I have not yet submitted anywhere.

  2. Sherina Hosein Mohammed

    I got very good feedback from Dedra and as i work full time and also full on mum and wife role I constantly review my timeline to finish book2 of my 5 novel series. I am proud that I finished the 1st and I must confess it’s just too much sustainably on my.own to promote the book, write no2 and live a regular life. As I am close to finishing my first draft of no.2, I will shortly join ypur forum. Thanks for creating it and Tha ks to Dedra.

    • Richard Dee

      Thanks for your interest in the Showcase, I’ve sent you a Facebook message. R.


    Wow, quite interesting. I have a blog where I do write ups on topics affecting global mentality with Africa as major focus. I am interested.

  4. Stephen Oram

    I’m interested in contributing a blog – maybe a little about how punk prompted me to be Indie, a bit about that journey and a piece of flash fiction.

    • Richard Dee

      Of course, people helped me gain exposure, its the least I can do, I’ll send you an email

  5. Jane Risdon

    A very interesting site and with lots to take in and enjoy. Thanks, Richard. I enjoy reading about other authors and their journey. I have always had guest authors on my blog as I enjoy helping others, though infrequently of late due to all manner of stuff going on. If you ever find room for me let me know. Meantime, good luck with this and all your writing.

    • Richard Dee

      My next available slot on the Showcase is Feb 28th, if that’s any good to you? I’ve also sent you an email

  6. Lynn Brooke

    I am interested in a feature on your Showcase any time, whenever you are able to slot me in. I am an Indie author of middle grade/YA Fantasy. I enjoy writing about my background (growing up in the African bushveld) and I’ve had an “interesting” life that has influenced my fantasy books. If you would like to contact me and schedule a slot, please feel free to do so.

  7. Sheena Cundy

    Thanks for the opportunity Richard, I’d love a space if you have one. I write the songs for my paganesque band, stories and spiritual non-fiction. Currently trying to build the genre/brand of Witch Lit (magical writing) and I have a YouTube channel where I interview fellow Creatives in my Treehouse at the bottom of my garden.

    • Richard Dee

      Hello Andrew, thanks for your interest, I’ve sent you an email. Richard.

  8. Charlotte Milne

    Hello Richard
    I am an Indie author and have one published (Kindle and CS) novel (romance but NOT chicklit!) and am at editing stage with the second, with publication earlyish next year I hope, and a third in draft. Techy stuff (due to my age!) is not my bag so I’m finding marketing a big challenge.
    Might you have room for me sometime in 2019?

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