Back to where it all began.

Welcome back to another blog hop, with #OpenBook. Here’s this week’s prompt. Don’t forget to click the purple button to see what everyone else has to say. What was your favourite young reader... READ MORE

Book Review. A House of Mirrors by Liz Hedgecock.

This is the first book in a short series. Confession time. I’m a huge fan of Victoriana. I grew up reading Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, H. Rider Haggard and of course, the adventures... READ MORE

The ghosts of NaNoWriMo past. 2019

Welcome to the latest of this year’s retrospective NaNoWriMo posts. Today, I’m telling you all about 2019 The novel that came from that challenge was The Hitman and the Thief. The idea came... READ MORE

The ghosts of NaNoWriMo past. 2018

To continue my series of posts about NaNoWriMo, this week I’m telling you about my 2018 project. I had an idea for a Steampunk novel, in the style of The League of Extraordinary... READ MORE

The ghosts of NaNoWriMo past. 2017

Welcome to the third of my retrospective NaNoWriMo posts, we’re now up to 2017. Unlike 2016, this year there was no short story to base my attempt on. I was starting from scratch.... READ MORE

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