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Experimental loaves

I do love to experiment with the food I prepare, the bread I make is no different. As well as trying new flours or techniques, I also like to try different flavour combinations... READ MORE

The Audiobook has landed.

Way back in January, while life was still going along in the old normal, I started the process of getting some of my novels made into audiobooks. The first one is now completed.... READ MORE

Promise Me

Monday is a big day. The third Dave Travise novel, Promise Me, is released. Since I first published Freefall, the covers have been updated, to reflect the fact that this is now a... READ MORE

The long and the short of it.

Another week has passed in self-isolation here in Devon. Things are carrying on much the same. My children are still working in hospitals, and we are still worrying about them. This week, instead... READ MORE

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