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Hi, my name is Audrina and I tend to write Contemporary Romance, but keep it quiet they are a little sexy in places!! But for my main inspiration, I use Music. I think that music is so integral to my life that I don’t think my writing journey could have started without it.

My first novel began life when I was a mere 19 years old, way back in 1992. Yes, if you want you can now work out how old I am! Anyway, I wrote it to try and get rid of the pain and hurt left after my first romance. It was called ‘Take my Breath Away’ and that song and the soundtrack from Top Gun were my comforts or torture through the breakup aftermath. But at this stage, it was a teenage romance and I was writing in the Pre-Amazon/Self-publishing era. My confidence was pretty low so I hid it in a box file and there it sat until 2013 and January resolutions. I wrote my bucket list and my number 1 was to write and publish a book before I turned 40 years old. That was the point when my old manuscript saw the light of day, was read and discarded for all but my love of the ’80s and music of that era and to start with the title.

As the novel grew, I knew that the title was wrong, but I still turned to music for my inspiration and there I chose a lesser-known Wham! Track called ‘Where did your Heart go?’ it had just the right poignancy to describe the pleasure and pain of first love.

Feel free to take a listen to the track:

If you listen to the lyrics it may just reveal some of the storylines. I was shocked at my speed of writing, always choosing to listen to tracks from my teenage years or others from the 80’s era. It also helped that my main character was a Radio DJ so I drew plenty of inspiration and music tracks from my favourite local radio station ‘Sunshine Radio’ and the guys at the station soon realised that I was writing to their music and I did my first interview about the book on the breakfast show.

 I still have a very soft spot for my first book, see below for the links, cover and a few comments from the many reviews.

Find all my novels on Amazon; all are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

I was so surprised

that my one book turned into a trilogy and has also led to a further 3 book series based on the evil character Felicity; called Bloodstained Heart.  I have also finished a short standalone called ‘Bonfire Heart’ based on two of the secondary characters in the original trilogy but I have to say I’m looking forward to leaving them behind now and starting something new.

I’ve also been lucky enough to work with a co-author on another series called ‘Need for Speed’. Each book is a romance set at a famous racing car event. Our first book came out 2 years ago and is set at the Le Mans 24Hr race. It was such fun to be a character and each of us writes alternating chapters to tell the story. It’s even better when your co-author throws in a curveball to the plotline!

Our 2nd book is due out soon and is set at the Indy 500 race and then the final book sees us travel to the fabulous playground that is the Monaco Grand Prix. I’m a real motor racing fan so am loving writing these; who knows where my next series will lead me?

You can find it on Amazon:

In fact, I wrote a short story called ‘Drive By’ recently so as a treat you can listen to me read it over on my YouTube channel.

Part 1

Part 2

I equally love helping authors gather new readers so I have a music-based interview that runs each week over on my FB Page:

It’s a great place to discover new authors and listen to their favourite tunes as they get to talk about their first ever single or album purchased, their 3 favourite songs and even the song they want to be played at their funeral.

So, I think that it’s time I finished off this lovely little chat with my three favourite tunes of all time!

Take a look and listen to them all on the YouTube links below:

Edge of Heaven – Wham!

Father Figure – George Michael

Crazy for you – Madonna

You can happily say that I am a music fan of the ’80s.

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