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A Day in the Life of a Writer

I’d like to start by thanking Richard for having me. And then I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Debbie, an author, ghostwriter, course creator and blogger. I’m from the northeast of England and I work full time as a writer.

Today, I thought I would answer a question I get asked a lot: what does a day in the life of a full-time ghostwriter look like? I’d love to say it’s all inspiration and creativity, but let’s be real, it’s not. Obviously not all of my days are exactly the same, but here’s an outline of the average working day for me.

7.30 am – Work on my own current novel, short stories, or whatever I have on the go at that time.

9.15 am – Repin relevant pins to my boards and create a story pin for the day.

9.30 am – Respond to social media messages and comments. Post to my Facebook page and Facebook groups. Respond to emails and get rid of all of the junk emails. Respond to blog comments. Post to Instagram and have a scroll through my feed. Check LinkedIn for messages. If I have a blog post going live that day, I also do my post promotion during this time.

11 am – Work on client projects – usually a novel of some kind, but sometimes short stories, screenplays etc. If I’m not writing for clients during this time, then I’m doing some editing work for clients.

6 pm – Work on my blog – maybe write or edit a post, take and edit photos etc. Boring blog admin tasks.

7 pm – Finish work for the night. I usually spend the evening watching Netflix and/or reading. And I often pop back onto Pinterest at some point and do a bit more pinning.

And that’s about it. It’s definitely not glamorous, but it’s definitely not boring. Because I usually have several client projects on the go at any one time, I can flit between novels and when I find I’ve hit a wall in one, I switch out to another one, and I usually find that when I go back to the one I was stuck on, I find my way forward.

I do take several (probably too many) coffee breaks throughout the day, but I rarely eat lunch so I don’t have to take time out for that so I can justify the coffee breaks that way. And yes, I do often find myself on social media when I shouldn’t be.

What does a day on your life look like? Share your routine in the comments – I’d love to see how other writers spend their days.

Bio and Links

Born in 1982 in North East England, I knew from an early age I wanted to be a writer. Life got in the way, and the dream was put on the back burner, although never forgotten. I am now a full-time author, freelance ghostwriter and course creator and I write my own blogs, My Random Musings (my personal blog) and (my writing blog).

I have published four novels, three short story collections, four non-fiction books and a collection of funny poems.

Links to my blog and social media

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My thanks to this weeks guest for a great post. I hope you all enjoyed it.

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