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Living the dream—a new dream

Like a lot of writers, I began writing when I was young—twelve-years-old. I found a lot of enjoyment in writing and I thought the stories in my head might someday bring me fame and fortune. It’s not really unusual for a kid to have inflated ideas about what life might bring them and even adults often don’t realize that most writers don’t make a lot of money and aren’t famous. I didn’t know much when I finished my first novel and began learning about the publishing process. But little by little I began to realize that my dreams would need some revising.

At first, I didn’t like the idea of self-publishing my book. I wanted to get paid, not pay for everything myself (who wouldn’t?). Besides that, I know nothing about marketing. But time went by with me sending out queries and nothing really happening. I got a few bites, but that was all. I certainly didn’t exhaust all avenues on the road to mainstream publishing, but as time went on and my book was still just sitting there in my computer, I started to rethink the self-publishing route. Everyone I had given the book to had given me very positive feedback and I believed that it was a good story. I started going to meetings with my local writer’s guild (they are awesome!) and listened to their experiences with self-publishing and I did some of my own research. Then I asked myself a question: what would it take to make self-publishing my novel worth it?

When I really took some time and thought about it, I realized that the answer to the question was simple. If one person read my book and it meant something to them, then it would be worth it. That was my new dream. It wasn’t about money or notoriety. The most important thing was for people to read the book and get something out of it.

I think all of us, as we grow older, find that our dreams have to transform into something different than we ever thought they would be. In my case, the new dream is far better anyway. I’m glad I decided to take the leap. Three years ago, most of the people who know me didn’t even know I was a writer. I didn’t share that with a lot of people. However, the response I’ve gotten from readers who know me and also those who don’t, has been so uplifting. I can tell you about so many moments that have made stepping out into an unknown realm so worth it!

The first time I got a review back from a book blogger was one such moment. I was so nervous to see what he had to say about the book. My heart swelled when I read the positive review. Every time a reader reaches out to tell me they enjoyed one of my books or leaves a review, I know I made the right choice.

I published my first book, When the Storm Ends, in September of 2018.

Blurb for When the Storm Ends:

Beth thought her violent childhood was something she left in the past—until she met Erin. Now the abuse of her step-father has returned in terrifying nightmares.

Beth became a child psychologist so she could help children who are broken and hurting, but Erin, the fifteen-year-old who killed her father, is different. If Beth can’t reach her and find out why she did it, Erin will spend the rest of her childhood behind bars. To most people, it looks simple—Erin is either crazy or evil, but when Beth looks into Erin’s haunted eyes, she’s sure that something terrible was done to this girl. Erin, however, isn’t talking.

Beth believes Erin might open up to someone with whom she feels a kinship. Of course, Beth knows she shouldn’t share her own past with a patient, but the clock is ticking toward Erin’s trial, and Beth is out of options.

Little does Beth know that taking this terrifying leap will not only reveal the truth about Erin, but will rip Beth’s past wide open as well—and a connection between them that will shake Beth to the core.

My second book, The Rift Between Us, was published last July.

Blurb for The Rift Between Us:

After a family dinner turns into a bitter fight, sisters Maria, Lauren, and Avery decide to go their separate ways. Their father warns them that someday they will need one another. When he dies suddenly, they learn that he intends to make sure that they do. He’s left them a substantial inheritance, far more than any of them ever imagined.

There’s just one catch. If they want the money, they will have to spend two weeks together at a secluded lake house and follow all of their father’s instructions—no matter how strange.

Their task seems simple enough, but each one is holding onto painful secrets and old grudges the others know nothing about. But if they can learn to trust each other again, they might be able to mend the rift between them and give their father his dying wish.

Here’s an excerpt for a sneak peek of my next book which is still in need of a title:

Marissa’s panic grew. She began pushing her way through the crowd, not even hearing the protests that were called out.

            When she reached the center of the crowd, she could see the legs of a man sticking out from behind the lifeguard who was performing CPR. Marissa sucked in a breath. She didn’t need to see his face. Staring at the bright red swim trunks, she knew right away it was Kevin.

            Marissa stood there frozen as if time was going on without her. She wanted to scream, but no sound would come out. She couldn’t move. She could barely breathe.

            The sound of a siren echoed out through the wind, coming closer.

            In seconds EMTs were running up to the crowd and pushing through. When they got to the center, the lifeguard stood up. He moved aside, giving Marissa a clear view … and her world shattered.

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