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Today on the Showcase, I’m delighted to welcome Judi Moore. And she comes bearing freebies, she has very kindly included a short story for you to download. You can find the button further down in the post.


Judi Moore: writing biography

I’ve been a professional writer since 1997 producing poetry; long and short fiction; and reviews of poetry, books and music. Between 2006 and 2013 I worked as a part-time creative writing tutor at university level. In 2016 I was commissioned to write lyrics for a 20-minute piece of music for choir, brass ensemble and percussion, which premiered in November 2017.

I have not, so far, hit the big time with my writing so I’ve been living on fresh air and steam for more than 20 years. And I’ve enjoyed every day of it. I love being steeped in writing: making it, reading it, reviewing and beta-reading, giving workshops.



I write a variety of stuff in a number of forms: fiction both short and long, poetry and reviews; the fiction is often set in the past, occasionally the present, sometimes the future. A reasonable grounding in history (one of my passions) enables one sometimes to spot a trend that might carry into the future. My novella Little Mouse is set in the past, 10 years after World War II. My novel, Is death really necessary? is set in 2038. Actually, they are sort of the first and third parts in a loose trilogy (although they also stand alone fine). Three people are urging me to get on with the bit in the middle, so … In addition to the holey trilogy, I have also published a selection of my better short fiction. As it has yet to attract a single review perhaps the stories aren’t as good as I thought! If you feel like voicing an opinion I am happy to send you a copy gratis, providing you aren’t too rude about them 😊




For your short story, click the button (opens in new tab).






I published my most recent novel in December 2017. It’s called Wonders will never cease and is a satirical campus novel set in 1985. It looks at Eighties’ academia in Britain in the Age of Thatcher, from the perspective of the first exclusively distance teaching institution: Ariel University. It follows its bon viveur protagonist through December of 1985, from unreasonable expectations to unforeseen disasters, from pub to pub, and from bed to bed. This is what it says on the back cover:

“It is December 1985. The year is winding gently towards its close until Fergus Girvan, a Classicist at Ariel University, finds his research has been stolen by the man who is also seeking to steal his daughter. But which man is, actually, the more unscrupulous of the two? And is there hope for either of them?”





I blog here:

(mainly book reviews, some music reviews, a few oddities, the occasional rant)

I have an author page on AmazonUK here:

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Where you can read information about each of my books.

If you prefer not to deal with The Zon you can get paperbacks of my books from Feedaread here: (

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Be advised that My First Pets is by another, American, Judi Moore. Them critturs is nothing to do with me!

Thanks, Judi for a great post. I hope you all enjoyed it. And if you haven’t downloaded and read the short story, you really should, it’s brilliant!!!

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  1. Jane Risdon

    Congrats on such a successful career to date, even if you think you are not. 20 years and still working at it, fabulous to know.Wishing you continued success. Enjoyed your interview a lot.

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