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Please welcome this week’s guest. In a new departure; we start with a poem.

The Lure of Words

A love of reading

A love of books

A love of the written word

She has always had.

Devouring one

book after another

after another.

Books here.

Books there.

Books everywhere.

Oh, the sight, the feel,

the sound, the smell.

Intoxicating to even imagine.

Deliberately walking the aisle

of the library,

of the book store,

she feels at home.

Perusing the titles,

gently taking hold of a book

by the spine,

sliding it from the shelf,

slowly running her

fingertips across

the book’s title,

opening the book,

lifting the opened book

to her nose and

inhaling the unique

scent only a book can radiate.

Simply holding, feeling, and

smelling a book

sends here straight away

to other worlds, lands,

and journeys.

When finally opening

the book to begin

the adventure,

a palpable,

stomach tingling

Excitement lures her

to the pages.

This has been the way.

A beautiful way.

A way that led her

to know she was to

write, she was to let

black words flow forth

and fill the white pages,

one after another

after another.

She laughs words

She exhales words

She cries words

She bleeds words

She dances words.

She swallows the words

of life to be mixed and

meshed with her essence.

Magically, as if under a spell,

she releases the words

from her mind’s eye

fast as lightning through

her fingertips onto the screen.

Books, books, books.

Words, words, words.

Words are oxygen

Words are food

Words are water

Words are shelter

Words are life.

Her teacher

Her friend

Her lover

Her mentor

Books are these,

and more,

to she.

A love of reading

A love of books

A love of the written word

She has always had.

Devouring one

book after another

after another.

All the while

the words,

the books,

devoured she.

©2018 Camilla Downs

One genre I never gave much attention was that of poetry. Much of it left me dazed and confused! I never in my wildest dreams could have known that one day in 2013, poetic words would begin to populate my mind and demand to be set free. So began a 6-year streak of writing poetry inspired by my near-daily walks, by nature and by my life experiences.

The Lure of Books poem is included within ‘Words of Alchemy’, debuting in late October 2019. This will be my fourth published book and the first book of poetry. The old me would say there will most likely never be another poetry book from me. Yet, I’ve learned never to say never.

Writing has been a sanity-saving bridge which has led from processing life experiences to peace and solutions. Single parenting two children, losing nearly everything, and choosing to dig deep within, led me on a journey for which I had no map. Through writing, I create the map as I travel this wild, at times unlovely and uncomfortable, life journey.

Writing led me to peace and acceptance of myself and my role as a parent to my two unique and beautiful children. Writing brought peace and solid steps to take with decisions. In some situations, writing was not the only factor; yet, it has been a shining thread of grace that connected my heart and mind along this life journey. And still is.

Writing alchemizes what I experience. My laptop becomes the couch I rest upon; while writing my experiences becomes the therapist. This helps me to sync with life, giving myself feedback for these experiences. Writing becomes an avenue to connect with and release the myriad of emotions and experiences of life. It is through writing that I find myself and that I find comfort in being myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post about me. And, thank you, Richard, for having me be a part of The Indie Showcase! I am truly blessed and grateful!

‘Words of Alchemy’ Book Blurb:

In Words of Alchemy, Camilla Downs invites you to walk with her to share her love of Nature through a heartfelt poetry collection.

During her daily strolls, she is mindfully present as she delves into life in the raw and experiences her heart’s observations.

Camilla embraces what happens when she opens her heart and invites the written words to flow. The Alchemy of Love and Healing is what happens.

Advance Praise for Words of Alchemy

“Words of Alchemy, Camilla Downs heartfelt new collection, lives up to its namesake in numerous ways. Downs spans the broad range of nature, healing, love, and parenting; while making sure we have a little fun along the way. And the bridge she creates from the mindfulness of how we see the world at large to the poetry of everyday life is certainly worth a stroll or two across its borders.” – Thomas Lloyd Qualls, Award-winning author of Painted Oxen

“This poetry collection offers contemplative words, soothing thoughts and peace to the reader.” Sue Bentley, Bestselling author of Second Skin

“Camilla Downs shares truth, vulnerability and wisdom in her Words of Alchemy collection, inviting readers to be inspired, contemplate and dive into her world of self-awareness and growth.” G. Brian Benson – Award-winning author, actor and spoken word artist

“These poems take you on a calm and loving walk through the verses of the author’s thoughts. Alchemy is a perfect word for the title as Camilla Downs understands nature; connecting with its magical, medicinal qualities and beauty which she conveys throughout her poetry.”Ailsa Craig, Author of The Sand Between My Toes

“Words of Alchemy is a chronicle of hope. Camilla Downs poetry is an encouragement, especially when we are feeling at our lowest, to keep seeking the light that is our way forward, and focus on the real. This collection is a walk through the positive nature of life. Camilla Downs is to be commended.”Frank Prem, Author of free-verse memoir Small Town Kid

About me:

I am mom to Lillian and Thomas Darnell, bestselling author, writer, blogger, poet, and nature photographer. I’m also the founder, host and facilitator of; a website that hosts fun and quirky author interviews with authors around the world.

I spend my time writing, reading, online networking, walking, swimming, being with my two kids, and addressing all that parenting and advocating entail.

My first book, D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance, published in 2012 reached #1 in Special Needs Parenting and #2 in Self-Help on Amazon.

My two kids and myself call ourselves Team TLC; “T” for Thomas, “L” for Lillian, “C” for Camilla. This began in the year 2009 as I sensed we needed something to bring us together. Team TLC worked perfectly as we all embraced it, referring to ourselves using Team TLC, and even receiving mail addressed to Team TLC.

Lillian Darnell just celebrated her 18th birthday and has a condition known as 18p-. This means she is missing the short arm of chromosome number 18; which happened spontaneously in utero. 18p- manifests for her with speech difficulties in articulating letters and words, balance and depth perception issues, chronic pain, extreme fears, and struggles with processing difficult emotions. Lillian was unschooled (similar to homeschooling) and graduated June 2019. She is an artist and writer, with her debut book, Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories, published in 2018.

Thomas Darnell will soon be celebrating his 14th birthday. He is unschooled and has about four more years of schooling before he graduates. Thomas enjoys having philosophical and political discussions and is a fan of the Star Wars and Marvel movies. His favorite composer is John Williams. Thomas is also an avid computer gamer. His first book, Biggest Little Photographer, was published in 2016.

Connect with Camilla:

Words of Alchemy book – (coming end of October 2019 on Amazon)

Camilla’s first book – (on Amazon also)

Lillian’s book – (on Amazon also)

Thomas’ book –

Learn more about Chromosome 18 differences:

My thanks to this weeks guest for a great post. I hope you all enjoyed it.

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