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The Lost Princess is the Prequel to Ribbonworld, the first part of the Balcom Dynasty series of novels.

Where is Layla Balcom?

The most famous woman in the Galaxy, heiress to the Balcom empire, has vanished.
Has she simply exchanged her celebrity life for peace and quiet or has the unthinkable happened?
In the midst of the search, where rumours and speculation are rife, journalist Miles Goram thinks that he’s found the answer.

A girl on the run suggests that Layla could be a hostage, in a secret club where the rich indulge their fantasies. It’s located on Dalyster, a corrupt and secretive world. A place where his status as a reporter will do him no favours in his efforts to uncover the truth.

As he investigates, Miles finds that he is caught in the rivalry between a senior politician and Layla’s father.

And he has managed to upset both of them.