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    • Richard Dee

      No problems, I recognised a lot of them.

      • Chris L Adams

        Me too. Probably guilty of a couple. Definitely been on the receiving end of some of these. I recall telling a neighbor about my writings and received quite a lengthy description of what my next book should be based upon–his experiences as a kid living in what he and his siblings thought was a haunted house.

        • Richard Dee

          Had one guy “read” his novel to me, together with corrections, explanations and sidetracks.

          • Chris A Adams

            You must be a patient feller, Richard! I can’t imagine.

            By the way, I’m on Ch 4 in Life & Other Dreams. Really cool so far, Richard; I’m enjoying your style. It’s a cool ‘meme’ that I was already a fan of which I first encountered in reading Edmond Hamilton’s “Dreamer’s Worlds” as a kid, a story about two men who, while they’re asleep, dream of one another’s lives — one a leader on a distant, barbaric, twin-mooned planet, and one a boring humdrum guy on Earth. Your story is striking an elemental tone! I’ll holler at you and leave feedback on Amazon when I’m finished.

          • Richard Dee

            Exciting news, I’ve never read that one, the story was compared to Total Recall by one reviewer.

  1. Anne R. Allen

    Richard–Thanks much for the reblog. My WordPress elves seem to have had a wild party this weekend and they keep messing with the comments on the blog. Unfortunately, our webmaster is dealing with a seriously ill family member and can’t get in there and find out why the elves are being so cranky until next week. They are letting in some comments, but not all. I think yours may not have got through because of the link to this blog. (Usually one link is perfectly okay.) So I’m going to edit out the link and see if the elves approve.

    In any case, your story of getting the novel read to you (with notes) is hilarious.

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