Cast adrift, on an ocean of possibilities. I’m spoilt for choice.

I don’t know if it’s the weather, the choice that’s available or the simple fact that I hardly sell many books these days. Whatever the reason, I find myself struggling to find the motivation to write anything much at the … Continued

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Me and my Shadow. We are Saul.

Here are the first few paragraphs of another idea I’ve had. It’s for a new psychological thriller, the second potential novel that I’ve started seeing recently. That’s just after I decided to stop all new work and try to finish … Continued

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Norlandia, a Steampunk world that might have been

I do love a grand adventure, and the Steampunk genre gives me the perfect opportunity to create them on an epic scale, using the works of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells as a template, along with themes such as those … Continued

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And so it begins. Welcome to Pollen.

I was in a shop a couple of days ago, and my eye was drawn to a display of greetings cards and prints. There were some beautiful and unique drawings and paintings, by local artists. My wife bought a couple … Continued

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I can’t get her out of my head.

I know I keep on about Andorra Pett but here’s the thing. She’s my favourite character, out of all the ones that invade my mind. And to think she started out as the result of a challenge. My wife suggested … Continued

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They read it first, in praise of the Beta Reader

Before my new masterpiece sets out into the big wide world, there’s a group of unsung heroes who help to make it a lot more readable than it might have been. One of the problems with being the author of … Continued

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The long and winding road. Using characters in sequels and spin-offs.

Back in 2013, in my first novel, Freefall, I introduced a character called Ballantyne Alysom. He was a galactic explorer and owner of the magazine Galactographic! His claim to fame and the reason for his creation was as the discoverer … Continued

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Finishing the story, why I need to write that sequel.

As well as the new ideas that I told you about last week, I Remember Everything and my other new story, My Sister Alex, I have several sequels in progress, I know that I really ought to get on and finish … Continued

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