Blog Hopping. Distraction and me, the things that stop me writing.

What are your top three distractions and how do you deal with them? I’m back on the blog hop, after a couple of weeks where I wandered off and did other things. Which sort of proves that I’m easily distracted. … Continued

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The Indie Showcase presents, Rebecca Marsh.

Please welcome this week’s guest to the Showcase. Living the dream—a new dream Like a lot of writers, I began writing when I was young—twelve-years-old. I found a lot of enjoyment in writing and I thought the stories in my … Continued

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The Indie Showcase presents, P.J. MacLayne

Please welcome the first guest of 2020 to the Showcase At the age of eighteen, thanks to the Irish Rovers, I met the unicorn that inspired my first attempt at writing a book. It was high fantasy, but of course, … Continued

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Insecure Writers Support Group Blog Hop

This is a new departure for me, my first contribution to the Insecure Writers Support Group Blog Hop. I’ve looked at what others did last month and tried to do the same here. If you’re reading this, I guess it … Continued

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One of my novels is currently available as an audiobook, the Steampunk adventure The Rocks of Aserol. It was narrated by Sam Burns at Circle of Spears, who bought it to life. I have several other novels to convert to … Continued

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