I started writing Steampunk, a sort of alternative Victoriana, in 2013.

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Steampunk series

The Rocks of Aserol

What is the secret of Waster Mine?

Horis Strongman is a man on a mission. Sent to discover the truth behind a strange message from the provincial city of Aserol, he stumbles upon a secret.

One that could change the balance of power in Norlandia.

In this world, mighty machines of metal are powered by Steam and Clockwork. Coal is King.

Because of what Horis discovers, those in power want him silenced, whatever the cost.

Horis is forced to run for his life, aided by those who can prove his innocence and unsure of whom he can trust.

One thing is for certain. His life, and Norlandia itself, will never be the same again.

A review

“A cracking read, which rattles along apace as our protagonist tries to avoid both frying pan and fire when he is sent to investigate an incident at a mine. What starts as a seemingly straightforward assignment soon spirals out of his control – if, indeed, he ever had control of it – and he is plunged into damage control mode, aided by a feisty heroine and a group of retired soldiers, in order to clear his name. The steampunk world is well-crafted and easy to visualise, bringing the story beautifully to life. The ending was a little abrupt for my liking, but ultimately successful, as it left me wanting to know what happened to the characters next, as well as what happened with some unresolved issues in the wider world.”

A New Life in Ventis

Some men thirst for adventure, all Horis Strongman ever wanted was a quiet life.

Robbed of that by the events in Aserol and Northcastle, surely a trip to the Western Isles will allow him peace. New discoveries await him in these foreign lands.

Meanwhile, those who were against him have recovered and can still do him harm.

Before he and those he cares for can be truly safe, he must face his foes again, and this time, the stakes are raised.

By the time his journey ends, he will find that he has allies in the strangest places; for the final confrontation that he hopes will secure his future.

A review

Good gravy, what a fabulous book! Sorry it took so long to get my review in, I wanted to re-read A New Life In Ventis. I had a lot of distractions the first time! It’s a fabulous story! I found Rocks of Aserol to be a bit dry in places, and it took off slowly, but A New Life In Ventis took off with a bang, and kept up the tempo throughout the entire story. I really liked that there wasn’t a gap between the books, so no backtracking to explain what happened. My goodness, the scrapes Grace and Horis found themselves in! At times, I found myself thinking what else could go wrong for them?! Though somehow by sheer grace alone, they pulled through everything, and good prevailed!
This author certainly has a knack for taking a storyline that could be heavy and depressing, and while keeping it fantastically detailed, keep it light enough to be easy to read.”

The Sensaurum and the Lexis.

Is Jackson Thwaite ready to discover the secret of Makewright Orphanage?

Although he doesn’t know it, he has been selected to be part of something vital to the land of his birth.

Norlandia is a country under threat, as never before. The old heroes are but a memory, while evil forces gather, seeking power.  

They are armed with the latest devices that perverted science has devised.

Control of Norlandia and everyone in it is their ultimate aim.

Who will stand in their way?

Under the command of the mysterious Mortimer Langdon, all that stands between civilisation and anarchy are Jackson and the rest of The Orphan Detectives.

Fresh from their recent adventures, Jackson and Jessamine are newly-wed and on holiday, aboard the luxury liner King Leopold.

Their destination, the fabled Western Isles, lands of mystery and scene of many a recent battle.

After what they have been through, it should be a time of rest and recuperation, of seeing the wonders of life in foreign parts.

They find that their voyage is filled with intrigue, everyone has a secret to hide. Life on the ocean wave is no life of leisure.

Then there is the visitor in foreign parts, with his devastating news.

They learn that their holiday is over, that they are needed to fight a new foe.

This threat is borne of a new way of waging war, against which Norlandia has no defence, unless the plans for the destruction of everything they hold dear are retrieved and delivered.

There will be no rest for the Orphan Detectives, until this threat is dispatched.