‘Review a hotel for me,’ she said. ‘It’ll be easy,’ she said. I haven’t even got started and there’s a body in the bathroom.

It was only supposed to be a hotel review, all Miles Goram wants to do is finish up and get off Reevis as quickly as he can. It’s an airless planet where everyone lives under a giant dome, not the sort of place he wants to be stuck on. The body in his bath has really fouled his plans up. Then he discovers the dead man’s secret.

Miles gets drawn deeper into life on Reevis, he finds corruption and mistrust everywhere. Balcom Industrial treat the place like their own kingdom and discourage any questioning incomers. As a journalist and ex-convict, Miles is top of their most unwanted list.

If the death threats and the fact that everyone trying to make him leave wasn’t enough, there’s the added distraction of a missing heiress thrown in.

Suddenly his life has got very complicated, Miles wants answers. If only he can live long enough to find them.

A review

“A very immersive book. From beginning to end you’re taken on a journey through a vivid, complex world that also speaks prominently about our own. Sci-fi can often be too lacking in plot; in Ribbonworld, the author intertwines realism brilliantly with fantastical settings to create a very compelling read.”

Jungle Green, the second Balcom Story.

One tablet a day, it’s supposed to keep you alive. But it might just kill you.

TC is the wonder drug. Manufactured in secrecy, on a remote planet at the edge of the galaxy.

It makes worlds inhabitable; and Balcom Industrial lots of money.

Suddenly, the people who need to take it to stay alive start to die!

For Layla Balcom, the news is devastating. She’s just resumed her rightful place as head of Balcom. This problem threatens to spoil her moment of triumph. Can the drug be flawed? Or is something else going on?

The answer needs to be found, quickly.

Whether Layla will survive is not guaranteed.

“One of those books that you can’t put down until finished.”

“Fascinating lead character and intricately plotted”


A review

“This book has to be one of the best Sci-fi/Crime stories I have read so far. The storyline stops you from putting the book down.
The characters that Richard Dee creates quickly become part of your life; which makes finishing this book really frustrating. I can’t wait for the third instalment, to see what trouble Miles can get into next.”

The Lost Princess.

The prequel to Ribbonworld and Jungle Green

Where is Layla Balcom?

The most famous woman in the Galaxy, heiress to the Balcom empire, has vanished.
Has she simply exchanged her celebrity life for peace and quiet or has the unthinkable happened?
In the midst of the search, where rumours and speculation are rife, journalist Miles Goram thinks that he’s found the answer.

A girl on the run suggests that Layla could be a hostage, in a secret club where the rich indulge their fantasies. It’s located on Dalyster, a corrupt and secretive world. A place where his status as a reporter will do him no favours in his efforts to uncover the truth.

As he investigates, Miles finds that he is caught in the rivalry between a senior politician and Layla’s father.

And he has managed to upset both of them.

“Great story! The more you read from this author, the more you want to read from this author.”

“well-crafted read with fantastic characters and an imaginative Sci-Fi setting”

The Next part of the Balcom story is coming soon.

In the fourth part of the Balcom story. Layla and Miles finally come face-to-face with the source of all their troubles.  

The Balcom Dynasty, all the Balcom novels in one place.

Everyone’s looking for Layla Balcom

The most recognisable woman on Centra has vanished. Is she tired of being famous or is there something more sinister going on?

Read Layla’s story in these three great novels, available together for the first time.

Journalist Miles Goram is a man with a mission. All he has to do is find Layla Balcom, heiress to the biggest company in the inhabited worlds.
It should be an easy job for a man with all his contacts. What can possibly go wrong?

What starts out as a simple hunt for a missing person turns into so much more.
As his search progresses, Miles discovers that Balcom is a company with major problems.

Balcom builds the things that keep everyone connected, if they’re in trouble, everyone is in trouble.

The company is owned by Igor Balcom; his power is fading.

Layla was the future, with her missing the vultures are circling around Balcom.

Suddenly Miles finds himself in danger, the hunter is becoming the hunted.

To make things worse; his enemies have all the power.

What people have said about the novels.

“If you like sci-fi; then here is a master of the art.”
“It’s dark, mysterious, and is almost equal parts Sci-Fi and thriller.”
“Jungle Green has to be one of the best Sci-Fi/Crime stories I have read.”
“well-crafted read with fantastic characters and an imaginative Sci-Fi setting.”
“In Ribbonworld, the author intertwines realism brilliantly with fantastical settings to create a very compelling read.”