Book Review. A House of Mirrors by Liz Hedgecock.

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This is the first book in a short series. Confession time. I’m a huge fan of Victoriana. I grew up reading Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, H. Rider Haggard and of course, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. As I got older, … Continued

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New Edition. The Curse of Time – Book 1 – Bloodstone

This is a book I’ve reviewed before, but it’s just been re-released with a new cover so I thought it would be nice to revisit it. Not only that, I have a bit more information about the author. The Blurb. … Continued

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Book Review. The Resonance by Michelle Medhat.

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I reviewed the first part of this series a while ago Then I read the second part, which carried on with the same breakneck speed and incredible action. Which leads me on to part three, which I have just finished. … Continued

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Book Review. The Valley of Despair by Chris L. Adams.

I grew up reading pulp novel adventures, either in paperback or in Christmas annuals. Stirring adventures with titles like Ace Carew, Men of the Mist, The Lost World of Everest. As well as the adventures of Biggles, Sexton Bake, or … Continued

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