The also ran’s, ideas that are almost a novel.

One of the problems with having what’s referred to as an “active imagination” is that you get ideas faster than you can write them down.

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about the half-finished novels that I’m desperate to complete.

What I didn’t mention was the selection of possible novels that I also have hanging over me like a dead weight. Some are based on short stories that I’ve already written, while others are completely new projects.

As you can tell from the descriptions, they are all very different and at various stages of completion. Maybe they’ll be done next year, or the year after?

Here are a few of them.

The Last Fish in the Sea, is a treasure hunt, set in Devon. It features the tale of a group of sixteenth-century Spanish secret agents, men who were sent to cause unrest in England at the time of the Spanish Armada. When the invasion failed, they returned to Spain. Their story, and their treasure, was lost, until now.

Where’s Lizzie? This one’s a psychological thriller, set in the present. A child is missing, a family is divided.  But what really happened, how long will it be before the true story comes out?

Crime of the Century. A time travel story, about one man’s dream, to commit the perfect crime. It’s perfect because he has a time machine, the unstoppable escape route.

Welcome to Pollen. It was supposed to be the place that kept us from a genetic disaster. That was before things started to go wrong.

Passing Thru. Here’s some more time travel, this one’s set in the far future and features a group of people lost in their past.

I heard it on the Q-Com. What happens when the man repairing the galaxy-wide communications system hears a message that they shouldn’t have?

Faye works it all Out. This is the next chapter in one of my favourite characters’ stories. A family heirloom reveals what happened on Andorra Pett’s final adventure.

Of course, some of the above may never make it past the short story or novella stage. That’s fine, I’m sure there will be another idea along soon to take their place.

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