The Audiobook has landed

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Sam Burns from Circle of Spears Productions has sent me a sample of the audiobook version of The Rocks of Aserol. Wow! I was blown away by this, and if you want  to listen to the amazing work that Sam and the … Continued

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More Publicity

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I popped into Brixham library yesterday and spotted a copy of Ribbonworld on the shelf with the other returned books. That means someone has borrowed it, great news; I hope they liked it. Not only that, my neighbour, Clive Maddison, … Continued

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And another one!

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I have another pre-publication review for “The Rocks of Aserol,” and after the 5* last time, I have a 4* to go with it! This one’s from Clabe Polk at The full review is there, there are a couple of mild … Continued

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1066 Upside Down Update

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  The blog for 1066 Upside Down is now live, check it out at There’re news items about the project and links to all the individual authors websites and blogs.  753 total views

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1066 Turned Upside Down

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A cast of nine authors, Helen Hollick, Joanna Barnden, Anna Belfrage, Annie Whitehead, Glynn Holloway, Richard Dee, Carol Mcgrath Eliza Redgold and Alison Morton have collaborated on a book dealing with the “What If’s” of 1066, the year of the … Continued

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Tales From Norlandia, Part 3

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Here is the second of the Flash Fiction teasers for The Rocks of Aserol.   “With the coming of the Rail-Ryde, Aserol has turned from a provincial backwater supporting the nearby naval base into an important source of Norlandian wealth. … Continued

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Another review for Ribbonworld.

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Ribbonworld scores 4* with another book blogger. You can see the full review here, but here is the gist of it, REVIEW:   The planet Reevis, was full of interesting characters and magnificently described features. The book starts off with Miles … Continued

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And here it is!

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Drumroll and fanfare!! The cover design for The Rocks of Aserol is unveiled. And isn’t it wonderful! Try a sample of the first chapter here  776 total views

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