My reluctant amateur detective, Andorra Pett, has a new adventure.

Andorra Pett will return soon, in Andorra Pett and the Luna Mining Conspiracy. It’s been a year since Andorra Pett takes a Break was published and people have been asking me if there are any more adventures for what has … Continued

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It’s not just about the numbers

It’s done when it’s done. I gave myself all sorts of targets for this year, to complete unfinished work and write so many words every month. If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that my plans have changed a … Continued

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My plan is not going smoothly.

I’ve discovered that most of my half-finished novels are not as ready as I thought they were. Once again my plans have gone awry.  I’ve had to stop and take stock of my next project. The idea was simple, finish … Continued

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Creating a Steampunk world.

There’s a challenge in making a new world. It has to be believable and relatable, whether it’s now or in the future. Or even if it takes place in an alternative now, which is what my Steampunk world of Norlandia … Continued

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Book Review. East Wind by Jack Eason.

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Jack Eason writes fast, enthralling stories, this is another of those. Here’s the Blurb. A long short story about four differing aspects of love, the last being the love that shall not speak its name. Find out more about Jack … Continued

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I’ve already discovered the flaw in my plan.

I’ve realised that I have been approaching this year’s challenge in the wrong way. I told the world that I had 11 novels that I wanted to finish this year and I said that I would try to work on … Continued

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