My latest novel, I Remember Everything, will be published on Saturday.

It hardly seems possible but my nineteenth novel will hit the virtual shelves on Saturday, July the first.

I never thought it would happen but the ideas just seem to keep coming, faster than I can get them finished.

I Remember Everything was last year’s NaNoWriMo project, almost completely written in November 2022.

I Remember Everything is a tale of friendship, the persistence of the soul, karma and retribution.

It’s all told through the eyes of Suzan Halford, as she grows from a baby into a woman.

Her life is complicated by the relationship she has with the voice in her head.

It makes her ask the question, am I suffering from some sort of mental illness, or is something else going on?

The story grew from an article I read, I can’t remember where. It said that up to thirty per cent of people claimed to have a voice in their head. This mostly took the form of an internal monologue in their day-to-day life. The article said that this was normal and not necessarily indicative of any serious mental health issues. I took that fact and wondered what sort of a tale I could make out of it.

This novel was the result.

As it developed, the narrative took on a life of its own and went off in a direction that I didn’t anticipate. The result is that it’s a lot less Sci-fi than I expected it to be. In fact, there’s nothing very Sci-fi about it at all.

Which is another first for me.

The cover is one of my own designs, inspired by parts of the narrative. I wanted it to be stark, black and white, although the story is anything but.

Here are some of the initial review comments from my wonderful ARC readers.

Great idea, very inventive story, don’t think I’ve ever read anything quite like it before! The characters are intriguing.

Wow, what an interesting book to read.  It is so different from what I usually read. I loved it and could not put it down.

Set aside a full day for this fast-paced PG contemporary supernatural murder mystery

The story is fast-paced, at no point feeling like it languishes in the growth of Suzan. It’s filled with drama, heartbreak, regret and redemption. A fantastic read with a wonderful story running all the way through.

Just finished reading this. An interesting concept. A brilliant, intriguing story. Lots of twists and turns. Edge of the seat reading. Couldn’t put it down. Just had to find out how it ended. Highly recommend it to everyone. Well done Richard another masterpiece.

Here’s the Blurb

A psychological thriller.

It’s the big question. Where do we go, when it’s all over?
What happens to our unfinished business?
At 20:08, Detective Ian Gisbon is murdered.
At the same instant as he dies, on the other side of the country, Suzan Halford is born.
Nobody could have guessed that locked in her head is the key to unmasking Ian’s killer.

All Suzan has to do is grow up and remember it.

Before she’s aware of her knowledge, a chance discovery sets an unstoppable chain of events in motion, and Suzan’s life spirals out of control.

What’s happening is impossible, it’s destroying her family. And driving her crazy.

There’s only one person she can turn to, the only one who can help. But they’ve been gone for years. Finding them will mean that justice can finally be done.

The novel is currently on sale at just £1.99 ($2.99)

You can get a copy here.

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  1. Mark Jaffe

    Looking forward to reading this, Richard. Currently in the middle of “The Sensaurum and the Lexis” so it will be next…

    • Richard Dee

      Thank you, that’s good to know. I hope you enjoy both, please let me know.

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