Beta Readers Wanted

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I’m looking for four or five willing readers for my new Sci-Fi novel “Myra,” if you’re willing to evaluate a rough draft for content and interest, leave me a comment.

Here is the blurb,
“I turned, and even though I didn’t immediately realise it, it was then that I fell in love.”

Meet Dave Travise, at least that’s who his identity chip says he is. An ex-navy man on the run; somehow he’s ended up in a dead man’s shoes; on a new ship and on the wrong side of the law.

With no way to prove his innocence, he’s just got to play along and keep his head down if he’s going to survive. As if he doesn’t have enough problems, now he’s fallen for Myra, the engineer on his new home.

Pursued by criminal gangs and keeping one jump ahead of everyone, Dave and his new shipmates are going to need all the luck in the Galaxy just to stay alive.

Myra tells the story of how Finn Douglas, naval officer; became Dave Travise, Galactic trader.”
I can supply in .mobi, .epub or .pdf, just reply to this post (use the Leave a Reply button below) with your email address if you’re interested in having a look and I’ll get back to you.

My next Project

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Jungle Green, the sequel to Ribbonworld has gone off to be edited, I expect it back in the first week of October, now I just have to write the catchy blurb for it, how about this:-

“TC is the wonder drug. Manufactured in secrecy at the edge of the galaxy, it makes world’s inhabitable, and Balcom Industrial lots of money. Then, suddenly, the people who need to take it to stay alive start to die!
For Layla Balcom, fresh from wresting control of her father’s inheritance from those who would have destroyed it, the news is devastating. What was said to be impossible is happening!
Searching for answers, she finds a web of lies and hostility. Then she is dragged into criminal activities and it becomes far more personal. It’s time to sort the good from the bad and protect Layla’s legacy.”
Not bad for a start? Next, I will need a cover and a release date; assuming that Myra will be out in March, maybe June 2017?

That should give you all time to read Ribbonworld first.

Another 5 Star Review

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The Rocks of Aserol scores 5 Stars again!

This review from Helen, who says:- “There’s something of a ripping yarn about this excellent tale of adventure. False accusations, discoveries kept secret, villains who murder to get their way, and the whiff of requited love – it’s all here in this classic steampunk saga.
The tale is told with a restraint that allows the reader to enjoy the elements that steampunk fans demand. We’re taken on a journey – several, actually – and along the way we’re introduced to characters who come to life on the page, fully formed. There’s no manipulation to suit the plot, the cast has been well rehearsed, well created.
This book entertained from the start and its pace made me hope for more.”

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Here’s the link if that’s got you interested.


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I was interviewed on Annie Whitehead’s blog yesterday, about my writing in general, as part of the 1066 Turned Upside Down project.

You might like to have a look,its HERE



The book is available HERE and is getting great reviews.

P J Boox and the Funky Aardvark

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No, it’s not some late 60’s hippie band, with psychedelic music, (pity) but the names of my new stockists,

Located in sunny southwest Florida, P.J. Boox is the first brick and mortar bookstore to sell ONLY books by indie and small-press published authors from around the world. And they have all three of my novels on the shelf.



The Funky Aardvark is a Community arts shop in Teignmouth, Devon, featuring work by local artists and craftsmen/women.

And I will be at White Rock Festival next weekend, with FREE short stories, and all the books on sale.


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The Rocks of Aserol was launched at Millie and Me in Brixham. Circle of Spears came along in costume and Sam Burns read a couple of extracts which went down well, plus there were a few sales. All in all a good day.


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Here’s a video of Sam reading from Chapter 4


Myra, the first thoughts.

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I have had feedback from the first readers of Myra

One said, “Myra is brilliant,” the other, “Myra is a wonderful book!”

I have the first draft back from my editor as well, there are a few things she has spotted that need sorting out and I have also had some ideas for extra content while it has been away.

So the plan now is to sort them out and rewrite it. Then we can start phase two.

For that; I will require the services of some beta readers, and as ever I’ll be asking for volunteers.

Anyone interested, let me know.

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