The new people in my life.

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Since I’ve been writing on Medium, I’ve found a new set of characters who want to share their adventures with me.

They join established regulars like Andorra Pett and Dave Travise, Jackson and Jessica Thwaite, Kalyn Deere and many others.

Let me introduce some of them and tell you a little more about their lives.

First, there’s galactic explorer Raf, together with his talking computer, Cat. A twist on the buddy concept, Raf is helped more than he would like to admit by the sarcastic, smart-alec computer, whose voice and personality are based on his ex-partner. The real Cat is sadly deceased. Raf misses her a lot but takes comfort from the version of her stored in his ship’s memory as they bicker their way around the Galaxy.

Then there’s Captain Starlight, the housewife superhero. She was given her powers by a mysterious woman in the swamps of Louisiana, her husband is so far unaware of her secret life. She knows that he harbours a crush on the Captain, which she finds mildly amusing. His greatest wish is that she could be more like the superhero. Her greatest wish is that he never finds out the truth.

Finally, we have Silas Grimethorpe, a Watchman in Aserol, my Steampunk town in the South of Norlandia. He features in a serial called Murder Most Foul. Circumstances are turning him into a new recruit to the private detective agency run by a familiar character, Mortimer Langdon, in his pre-Orphan Detective days.

At the moment, I’m in the getting-to-know-you stage with all of them. But, I have a sneaking suspicion that they will come to be good friends as I learn more about their lives, perspectives and attitudes.

You can find them all, and many more at

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