Andorra Pett will return in a new adventure. Soon.

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Andorra Pett’s next adventure is well underway.
In Andorra Pett Meets Her Match, Andorra returns to Mars, the scene of her second adventure.

Here’s the cover and blurb.

On the dusty plains of Mars and in the Caves of Tharsis, Andorra Pett is on a mission.

She has to return to where Maisie met her end, there’s unfinished business to attend to. But things have changed on Mars, this isn’t going to be the easy job that she’d hoped it would be.

If that wasn’t enough, her partner, Derek’s, daughter, the one who tried to kill her, is due to be released from prison. She’s on Mars, too.

Which means Derek will have a reunion with the wife who left him. Where more secrets are sure to come out.

Meanwhile, all the people who Andorra’s upset recently are gathering, ready for what might be a final showdown.

Is this the end of the road for Andorra?

As you can see, a lot is going on in this story. Andorra has made quite a few enemies in her recent past. As you’ll remember, her life has become a pretty tangled web.

In her time, she’s been shot at, threatened, hijacked and kidnapped.

She’s seen the demise of good friends and saved a few people’s lives herself.

She has become so much more than a dress designer from Greenwich.

She’s learned to fly a spaceship, mine asteroids and spacewalk.

Her partner, Derek, understands her and leaves her to do her own thing.

That means solving crime, in her own special way.

In her buddy, Cy, she has the perfect sidekick.

But will that be enough when just about everything bad in her recent life arrives at one point in space and time?

She’s going to need a whole lot of luck to come up smiling.

Find out if she succeeds in Andorra Pett Meets Her Match.

Coming Soon.

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      Thank you, I have some great ideas, all I need is the time to put them all together.

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