A progress update on my next publication.

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My next novel, Where’s Lizzie? is well on the way to being published.

I sent out beta reads in January and I’m starting to get responses from the first people apart from me and my editor to have read the book.

You can see a few of them on Goodreads, at


Here’s what I’ve been up to since I last blogged about the story. You can read that post here

When I got the manuscript back from my editor, the first thing that I did was read her copious notes. Then I attended to all the corrections that had been suggested.

Not all of them were accepted, I do like to keep a little independence.

After I had attended to them, I re-wrote the sections that I had decided needed a little bit more work.

Doing this took the story’s length to just over 70,000 words.
This was the version of the story that I formatted and sent out to my beta team.

So far, I’ve had mostly positive reports from them, as well as a few suggestions for improvement.

These are what I’m working on at the moment. The word count is slowly inching upward. The story is in a much better condition now than it was at the end of November.

My editor will see the manuscript again in April, for what I hope is the final time. When it’s returned to me, I will correct any errors in my extra content.

When I’ve done that, it will just be a case of formatting and preparing the novel for release.

At the moment, that is set for the first week of June, for both paperback and ebook versions.

You can pre-order Where’s Lizzie? for £1.99 ($2.99) at


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