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What part of the book journey gets you most excited?

While I love the challenge of the technical aspects of creating a book, the formatting of the text, bringing all the elements together and creating the final product in a digital or physical form, that’s not my favourite part of the process.

That accolade has to go to the moment when I see the story in my head for the first time and embark on the task of transferring it to a blank document.

It might only have been a short while since I had the spark of an idea, or it could have been one of those vague things that have been in my head for a long time.

Almost without warning, I’ll suddenly be immersed in the world of my characters and watch them as they start to show me their story.

In all this, I’m an invisible observer, moving among them and taking in the view. I can experience everything that’s taking place around me.

All the words, sights and emotions. Of everyone. All of the time.

My knowledge of events is much greater than that of the characters because I’m able to hop around and watch the background story as well.

I can pause the action and get a better viewpoint, or watch the same scene again and again in slow motion. The one thing that I can’t do is fast forward.

So I never see the end (or even have a clue what will happen) until I get to it.

Which means that I get the same sense of excitement and discovery that a reader will (hopefully) have when they read it for the first time.

At first, I thought I was going crazy when I started seeing stories in my head.

Now that I’m more used to it, I love the buzz that it gives me.

That feeling of pleasure never leaves me, even after over twenty novels and a larger number of short stories. I can’t wait till it starts again, when I will have a new world to explore.

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