The Indie Showcase Presents, Michael Trelissic

I met this weeks guest at a talk I was giving in Exmouth. One of the new breed of self-published authors; I’m delighted to feature him on the Showcase. Over to you Michael. Reading through the features previously posted by … Continued

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The Indie Showcase Presents, Chantelle Atkins.

What I Write and Where it Came From Guaranteed, when someone finds out you’re a writer, the first question they ask is; ‘so, what do you write?’. For people who write in one, definable genre, this must be a simple … Continued

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The Indie Showcase presents, Terry Spring.

One of the great things about the internet, is that you can chat to writers from all over the world. I’ve been lucky to meet a fabulous group of authors from Australia, several of which have already featured on the … Continued

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The Indie Showcase presents, Katlynn Brook

Growing up in the African bushveld for much of my childhood, I related strongly to Kipling’s Mowgli character. We roamed free, barefoot, feral. My mother, a free-spirited writer, and artist, often told us to get out of her hair while … Continued

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The Indie Showcase presents, Meredith Bond.

A fascinating guest this week, with a wide portfolio, including a hint of Fantasy, Historical Romance and Mystery. Over to you, Meredith, Writers are told, when they’re trying to figure out how to market their work, to find their audience. … Continued

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Flash Fiction, Man of Mystery.

This week, I’ve been busy with the launch of my new novel, making sure that all the uploaded files are in place ready for the soft launch on Friday. The preparation of the paperback is also in progress, I’m just … Continued

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The return of an old friend

Finally, after a few months of depression and apathy, I feel ready to get back to some serious writing. Let’s start with a quote, “When a sister hates you, it really is the worst thing in the world.” That was … Continued

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