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If you’ve been reading my FREE eBook FLASH FICTION, (if not why not, the link is on the right) then you’ll know that I have a work in progress called Myra The prequel to Freefall it gives a lot of the … Continued

Two pieces of Promotion

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First up, I got a message from Scifi Sentinel e-magazine. My Novel Freefall is featured in the latest edition which you can find here. Here’s a screenshot if you’re not heading over there   The second is a review of … Continued

Tales From Norlandia, Part 7

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Here is the sixth Flash Fiction trailer for the novel, only two more to go and then the main event.     The Rail-Ryde.   Aristote Graves was the driver of the Rail-Ryde to Aserol. Sat in his cab atop … Continued

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