Saffron Buns

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I’ve put the recipe for these little beauties on my Devon life blog and now I’m having a few days off. I hope you have a great Easter, I’ll speak to you again after the holiday.    2,760 total views

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Up to date

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I’ve made a supreme effort and got myself up to date with my blogging. There are new bread recipes here and here. There a few pictures from my week here, now all I have to do is this post and … Continued

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Interlude for Cake and Inspiration

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I’ve been a bit busy over the last few days, mainly decorating the bathroom and in the search for some purple gloss paint. After all, even authors who spend most of their time in a fantasy of their own creation … Continued

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Cheese and Onion Roll Part 2

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Following yesterday’s post, today I found a new use for the rolls. I had some Chestnut Mushrooms which I chopped and fried with garlic paste and a little oil. I split the rolls and toasted them while the mushrooms were … Continued

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Cheese and Onion Rolls

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Now you might think that is a strange subject for a blog post on a science fiction based website but it’s my alter ego, the bread baker, advertising my other blog. And even a science fiction author has to eat … Continued

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