Up to date

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I’ve made a supreme effort and got myself up to date with my blogging. There are new bread recipes here and here.

There a few pictures from my week here, now all I have to do is this post and I’m free to get on with writing.(after I have finished decorating the back bedroom, there’s always something)


Actually ‘Myra‘ is getting on really well, I think that I may have the first draft finished by Easter, which would be pretty good as its only taken me two years so far. But I can fit in writing sessions as the paint dries and I’m on target. The NaNoWriMo targets are pretty realistic at 1600 words a day or so, this tends to boil down to around a thousand usable ones after a quick edit.

To whet your appetite, I have put a short passage from Myra up on this site, it’s here if you want a look. Obviously not finished yet and from where in the story who knows but it gives you an idea.


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