Interlude for Cake and Inspiration

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I’ve been a bit busy over the last few days, mainly decorating the bathroom and in the search for some purple gloss paint. After all, even authors who spend most of their time in a fantasy of their own creation must occasionally get paint on their hands. It seems like there is no purple gloss to be had anywhere, or maybe we’ve just been looking in the wrong place. But I did find the time to make a little Millionaires Shortbread. The full recipe and method is on my food blog but here’s a picture for you.


Just because I haven’t been writing as much as I had been, it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped. I don’t have writer’s block or anything like that. I’ve found that a few days of doing something else produces a rush of ideas when I get back to concentrating.

It can be surprising where inspiration will come from, when you’re least expecting it an idea will pop into your head and you can set off in an entirely new direction. I got a character’s name from a number plate on the M5 last year and things you spot in shops suggest other uses or plot points. Listening to conversation gives you emotion and sometimes a brilliant phrase or comment. But you have to be careful or you get strange looks.




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