In response to demand, here is the recipe for the Sourdough loaf that I recently featured on Facebook.
I make multiple loaves, the quantities quoted below are for EACH loaf; so you will need to adjust for your number. 

The great advantage of this method, is that NO kneading is required, you simply fold the dough over on itself every now and again, time is an extra ingredient that allows the structure of the dough to form.

I’m assuming that you have a sourdough starter to use in this recipe, it contains all the wild yeasts that give this bread its unique taste and structure. Before the advent of instant yeast, all bread was made this way.

If you don’t have a starter, I can give you a simple method to make one, it’ll take you a couple of weeks, after that, it just requires feeding once a week, and you’ll have it forever. Let me know in the comments and I’ll set up a post.

This recipe is based on one fromTeresa L Greenway.



 130 g of vigorous sourdough starter at 100% hydration. I start to feed mine about two days before making this bread, to get it nice and active.

275 g water           

10 g salt     

450 g strong white flour


Best started at lunchtime, the day before you want to bake.

Mix all the ingredients together in a large container and cover.

After 2 hours fold the dough, not kneading it, just pick up a corner of the dough, stretch it out and fold it back on itself.

Do this for all four corners. Then gently pick the ball of dough up and turn it over.

Fold the corners in again.

Cover and leave for another two hours.

Fold again as above

Leave for two hours. Then turn it out onto a lightly floured surface, If making more than one loaf, split it into equal portions.

Shape the dough and place it into a banneton, cover with a plastic bag

Leave it for two hours, then put it in the fridge overnight.

Next morning turn the oven to max (240°C) with a baking stone or heavy baking sheet for the loaf to cook on.
Remove the banneton from the fridge, take off the plastic and leave it for one hour, while the oven warms up

Turn the loaf out,

slash the crust and bake for 45 minutes, the internal temperature needs to be 95°C or higher, or make sure it sounds hollow if you don’t have a thermometer.

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  1. Marjorie Mallon

    Hi Richard. Trying this today it looks a bit dry. Do you only use water, flour and salt no other ingredients? And when you say feed the dough what do you mean?

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