New Year, New Start

It’s a new year, with all the hope that brings. I hope that you had a good Christmas, however you celebrated it. And that 2022 brings us all a better year. I’m not mentioning the elephant in the room, just … Continued

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Maybe you were right. Festive Flash Fiction

Taken from my collection Flash Fiction 2, here’s a short story for the season. Maybe you were Right The crew had drawn straws and Martine had lost. I hadn’t bothered, I was happy to stay and let someone else go. … Continued

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It’s that time again. Endings and Beginnings.

With the end of the year approaching, it’s time to take stock and decide on a rough plan of action for 2022. First, let’s take a look back on what I achieved in 2021. I published two books, Andorra Pett … Continued

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This was not what I planned

Once I had finished NaNoWriMo this year, I planned to get on with one of the half-finished novels that I had lurking, in my mind and on my hard drive. The voices in my head have other ideas. I wanted … Continued

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Finished for another year

NaNoWriMo is over for another year. If you were attempting it, I hope you achieved your goals. In the end, I wrote just under 80,000 words of We are Saul. I think that I was helped by the fact that … Continued

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A new release from Lizzie Chantree. The Woman Who Felt Invisible.

This week, I’m spotlighting a new story from the international bestselling author of If you love me, I’m yours, Ninja School Mum and Babe Driven. Take a look at The woman who felt invisible. A gorgeous romantic story of love and new beginnings. … Continued

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The ghosts of NaNoWriMo past. 2020. The year of The Syk’m.

NaNo was a success for me in 2020. In the end, I managed to write 51865 words of my next story. As always, there’s a mixture of feelings, relief and amazement that I actually managed to finish and sadness that … Continued

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The ghosts of NaNoWriMo past. 2019

Welcome to the latest of this year’s retrospective NaNoWriMo posts. Today, I’m telling you all about 2019 The novel that came from that challenge was The Hitman and the Thief. The idea came from my workshop, a course that I … Continued

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