Andorra Pett returns on September first. Save the date.

September the first, 2023 is the big day for my twentieth novel.

After a gap of nearly three years, I’ve finally got around to finishing the fifth full-length Andorra Pett adventure.

It was really good to get back to Andorra’s life. I’ve missed her and after writing quite a bit of heavier stuff in the meantime, a return to her light-hearted way of solving crime has been a welcome relief.

Because her world is more Thud and Blunder than Blood and Thunder.

The series so far. Four novels and a short story.

When I first mentioned the imminent arrival of this book, I got this response on Facebook from someone who is obviously a fan.

Here’s a bit more about the plot.

In this adventure, Andorra’s on the moon, having a quiet break with her best buddy Cy. Except that things in her life are never that simple.  

Something is wrong on the Moon. And it’s about to spread.

Andorra Pett and Cy are having a road trip, they’ve chosen Selenville, after all, the moon is a bit of a backwater these days, nothing much ever happens there. A bit of mining and solar power and that’s about it.

Or so they thought, a chance remark leads them on the trail of an audacious plot to destabilise the solar system and give control of everything in it to a criminal syndicate. A plot so well hidden that nobody will believe it’s possible. Which all means that Andorra has to find proof, and the right person to show it to.

Time is of the essence, although she doesn’t know it, her world is about to change forever.

The good news is that in finishing this story, I could see the start of another one. Things happen to her on the Moon that will need to be resolved.

Therefore, I’m pleased to confirm that Andorra will return to Mars in her next story, Andorra Pett meets her Match.

I’ve already designed a cover for the next story.

Hopefully, it won’t take me three years to get that tale out of my head and onto the page.

Here’s a comment the ARC has received from one of my beta readers.

Another fantastic outing for Andorra, including a ruined holiday, less-salubrious namesakes and a life-threatening conspiracy with galactic implications. It all makes for a rollercoaster read.

Here’s the story behind the story.

As many of you will know, Andorra Pett has had quite a few adventures. The thing is, her backstory is coming back to haunt her.

People know who she is now and what she gets up to. Or at least they think they do. The police on a couple of planets and quite a few bad guys have her on their radar, she’s no longer anonymous. The strands of her life keep intertwining and the results are interesting, to say the least.

In this short extract, Andorra finds that her name is being taken in vain.

We had more fun at the reception desk. We hadn’t bothered booking rooms, according to the information on the websites there were plenty available, all you had to do was turn up.

“I’d like a room please,” I said to the girl. She took a look at us, decided that Cy and I were together; if you know what I mean. You could almost see the wheels going around in her head as she put two and two together and came up with about twenty-six.

“Certainly,” she said with a knowing smile. “Welcome to the Hotel Selenos. We’ve got a secluded double, fully soundproofed, all the trimmings. What’s your name?”

“Andorra Pett,” I said. She grinned again, I wondered why. Hang on, I cottoned on to what she thought I was up to with Cy.

Before I could enlighten her that I wasn’t Cy’s type, due to all the boring female bits that I was blessed with, he barged in.

“I want a room too, please,” he said, “if it’s not a problem. A separate one from her.” He was a bit quicker on the uptake than me. Why would it be a problem? We’d stayed here before, we had had separate rooms then.

“Oh,” she said, going red. “I thought you were together, you know.  Especially with the name.”

“What name?”

“Andorra Pett, it’s sort of…, code. For…, well…, when two….” She had started babbling, trying to explain and failing miserably. She shut up and just looked red.

“It’s my name,” I said, waving my OLC I.D. card at her.

“Oh,” she said again, “Oh, you’re the real…, Oh.” That was a lot of Ohs, what was going on?

The other receptionist came over, “Excuse me,” she said, “I couldn’t help overhearing. The thing is, we get at least a couple of Andorra Pett’s a month. Couples, looking for a weekend together, incognito, away from it all. It’s the fake name they all use.”

“I’ll sort out the rooms,” said the red-faced one, bless her.

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Next week, we look at the other first draft I’ve just completed. And it’s completely different to this one.

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