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My debut novel Freefall left a few questions in people’s minds and I have been asked to explain them by several readers. To save me repeating myself, (and possibly telling everyone something different) I have been writing a ‘prequel’ which … Continued


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Back in the days when I was a Thames River pilot, National Geographic did a feature on Tower Bridge. I was the pilot taking the Dutch Sailing Ship ‘Artemis’ through the bridge that night and they got some good footage of me … Continued


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Just a reminder that Ribbonworld is on offer at the moment. A signed paperback copy can be yours for just £4 post free. Go here to get one. Here’s a review. 4.0 out of 5 stars A book to take you … Continued

Getting things straight.

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In swapping over from my old site to this, I had to back up all my posts and files. Now I’m here (so to speak since I haven’t moved) I have to put it all back together but of course … Continued

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