His name was Wylde

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Taken from my collection, Tales from Norlandia, here’s a story with a touch of the mystical about it. His name was Wylde. Just Wylde, there was no need of another. Everyone knew who was referred to – the most famous … Continued

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It’s that time of the year again. The veil grows thin. Flash Fiction for Halloween.

Once again, it’s time to feature a short story for Halloween. I wrote The Veil for a Circle of Spears performance at the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle. back in 2016. They left the subject up to me, but I … Continued

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Be Careful. A short story to make you think.

Today, I’m sharing a short story from one of my collections. This is the one that I (famously) wrote on my mobile phone while waiting for a delayed appointment. It was what prompted me to get the plug-in keyboard that … Continued

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Flash Fiction, Man of Mystery.

Here is the flash fiction. It’s a piece I wrote for a competition a while ago, it features in my short story collection, inspiringly called Flash Fiction, which has just received this review, The challenge for this piece was to … Continued

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The Next Big Thing

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Another Short Story from the Flash Fiction project, The Next Big Thing. Every bar has one or the other, the drunk in the corner with the big mouth, or the poor fool. This bar, despite being at the edge of … Continued

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It works both ways. A time travel caper.

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Here’s a reworking of the grandfather paradox. You can read it here or download it as a pdf file to read later. If you like it please leave me a comment below. It works both ways She grabbed my attention, … Continued

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