Flash Fiction, Man of Mystery.

This week, I’ve been busy with the launch of my new novel, making sure that all the uploaded files are in place ready for the soft launch on Friday. The preparation of the paperback is also in progress, I’m just waiting for the final cover image to arrive and I can set it up and order a proof copy.

Basically, I haven’t prepared much of a post for this week!

Obviously, I’m going to pester you to buy a copy of the novel. I’m sorry but that’s just the way it is. The good news is that it’s on offer at just £1.99 until the end of February. In the past, I’ve put the advert at the bottom of the page, this time it’s here, so you have to read it to get to the good stuff.

Once you’ve done that, as a reward, I’ve posted a flash-fiction below the advert.

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Life and Other Dreams advert
My next novel.

Here is the flash fiction. It’s a piece I wrote for a competition a while ago, it features in my short story collection, inspiringly called Flash Fiction, which has just received this review,

The challenge for this piece was to write an introduction to a mystery, in less than 1000 words. I can’t remember where the competition was from but this was my attempt. It wasn’t short-listed, which was a shame. But it means I can use it when I can’t think of what else to post.

Man of Mystery.

The plastic bag lay on the bed where it had fallen from the package. This was it; the final piece of the plan had arrived. I was ready to begin.
I looked around the bedroom; it was a wreck, the doors had been ripped off the wardrobe and hung by the bottom hinges, the drawers were all tipped on the floor, contents strewn. The bed was unmade; quilt heaped. The heavy curtains were making the room dark; the window faced east and the room was normally filled with morning light. Not today.
It had taken me a while to achieve the look of a robbery and I had enjoyed every minute of it. I felt like I was starting to get my power back, that I was no longer at the bottom, a victim of events.

I picked up the bag; it was cool to the touch, a faint sweat on it from the ice-filled poly-box it had arrived in, the box now in the back of my car.

Red Blood Cells, it proclaimed in large letters; O Rh Positive, with a barcode. The contents felt thick and glutinous as they moved around under my fingers. It was my blood in there, taken a week ago at a special session. That was important. There were two tubes leading from the bag, one with a small tap arrangement. Taking a last look at the bedroom I opened it and squirted about half of the blood onto the bed, making a large irregular stain.

It’s true what they say, a little blood makes a lot of mess, the dark red liquid pooled on the bedding and sank into the mattress. Moving backwards I let the blood drip from the tube in a rough line toward the door. Moving quickly I dripped and splashed blood all the way down the stairs and to the front door.

As I passed each room along the stone hallway I saw that they had all been ransacked, I grinned, that had been more enjoyment, a primaeval feeling of exultation in destruction, part of all of us. Even though it was my stuff; my memories, I had really let myself go. There were no neighbours to hear and I had made a lot of noise.

By the time I had backed out of the porch and onto the gravel, there was a little liquid left in the bag. I squeezed the last of it out and took the bag to my car, putting it into the poly-box in the trunk.

Now I just had to finish up setting the scene.

I went back upstairs and into the bedroom. I grabbed a towel from the en-suite bathroom and making sure I stood in the blood splashes I roughly wiped the blood on the floor. Now it looked like a body had been dragged from the bed and bumped down the stairs. There was even the odd bloody footprint and I made sure that some smears made it onto the walls. It took a few minutes and the blood was starting to congeal by the time I had made it to the front door.

Back outside I pulled off my shoes, the ones with the distinctive tread and bagged them next to the poly-box. There were a pair of trainers on the back seat and I hopped around while I put them on, gravel stuck to one sock and made me wince when I put weight on the foot, I sorted that out and took a last look around.

My home for the past year looked serene in the early morning light, the door was ajar and the trail of red led inside. I glimpsed my face in the mirror as I settled into the driving seat, I was smiling, part one had been completed; I was dead and horribly so. Now I just had to dispose of a few things and part two could begin. I started the engine and drove away.

© richarddee 2016

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