A new release from Lizzie Chantree. Shh… It’s our secret.

This week, I’m spotlighting a new story from the international bestselling author of If you love me, I’m yours, Ninja School Mum and Babe Driven. Take a look at Shh… It’s our secret. Violet has a secret that could change the lives of … Continued

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The Great Marketing Time-suck

When I first started putting the pictures in my head down in words, I never dreamed that I would end up spending more time on marketing than I would on writing. Over the next few posts, I’ll be passing on … Continued

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What do you see? Part Two

As I said before, I always find it interesting to see what people put in their reviews. So I was particularly pleased to get this incredibly detailed review/critique of my novel Survive. Once again, there are things that the reviewer … Continued

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What do you see?

I always find it interesting to see what people put in their reviews. It seems that they find things in what I’ve written that I hadn’t thought of, connections and meanings that never occurred to me when I was writing. … Continued

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Coming soon, a short story collection from Fuzzy Flamingo.

Last year, a good friend of mine, Steven Smith, introduced me to a new Facebook group. As a result, I was offered the chance to submit a short story to a forthcoming collection. The anthology was being put together by … Continued

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Should I carry on, or start again?

I’ve been suffering from a certain paralysis when it comes to writing this year. I’d hesitate to call it writer’s block, as I’ve not actually stopped writing but I’ve certainly been having trouble getting any specific project done. I’ve been … Continued

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Cover reveal. Steampunk adventures in Steven Smith’s “Chasing Shadows.”

I must admit that I’ve been waiting for this day, when I can finally reveal the cover of this upcoming book in all its glory. But first, a few words about the story, including a few thoughts from my beta … Continued

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Coming soon, the second Andorra Pett Audiobook.

I’ve just sent the second Andorra Pett audiobook, Andorra Pett on Mars, to ACX quality assurance. I was looking for a narrator who would capture the soul of the story and bring it to life. I found Lianne Walker. As … Continued

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