The Saturday Rewind. Back in the day.

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Here’s a memory from 2002. Back then I was a Thames River pilot, taking ships of all sizes up the River, through the Thames Barrier and Tower Bridge. I was lucky to get involved with National Geographic, who were making one of their Megacities programmes about London. I was involved in the part of the programme that featured Tower Bridge.

I was the pilot taking the Dutch Sailing Ship ‘Artemis‘ through the bridge that night and they got some good footage of me at work. Happy memories.

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I’ll be back on Monday, with another BlogHop, have a great weekend.


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  1. Joy Lennick

    Hi Richard, You may vaguely recall I did an interview of you some time ago. I found your video interesting as my father was a lowly Lighterman – while a very astute one – for many years before and after World War 11. He had a good education and could have set his cap higher, but he loved the River Thames and preferred a life without too much responsibility as he had many hobbies…We lived within the sound of the Tugs’ hooters and i can recall their mournful cries in the fog at night as a child. What a fascinating life you’ve led and continue to lead…and are to be congratulated on the sheer volume of books you’ve written. Wow! When do you sleep?! Have a great Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year.(I can smell those alluring cooking aromas from here!) x Cheers. (Tribute to my father

    • Richard Dee

      Thanks for commenting, of course I remember you. And there was no such thing as a “lowly” waterman or lightermen. I learned so much about the river from such men as John Posner, the Seargent brothers, the Coes and Montagues and others too numerous to mention. All the best wishes to you in sunny Spain, I’m just about to make Mince Pies.

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