That was the easy bit

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I’ve just about got a new story finished, now a lot of you might think that was writing the story was the hardest part, after all, I started with a blank piece of paper and had to build my world, populate it and get my characters to have adventures. I had to guide them along the plot I’d chosen, kill a few of them off and give the survivors a triumph to two to celebrate.

Then, of course, it all had to tie up and make sense at the end, with maybe a place left open for a sequel to start from.

And that’s about where I am now, this story was actually a sequel, a tying up of a lot of loose ends and completion in a way. Even though the first book was complete, there was enough left over from the final few pages to inspire a “what happened next!”

It’s taken me a year or so, if I hadn’t been encouraged by readers of the first story asking me why I had finished it when I did, it would not have been done at all. But in my mind seeds were sown by their remarks and I began to wonder what might have happened after “The End.”

The result now has to go through a lot. First, it will be scrutinised by my wonderful editor, she will spot all my typos and grammar faux-pas, all my plot-holes and bad English and the bits that make no sense whatsoever. She may also say whether she liked it, or what she thinks it needs (not the delete button, hopefully!).

After I get it back I will correct it and re-write it, then send it off to my wonderful beta readers for their impression. That’s the bit I hate, waiting for the verdict on my creation.

Meantime, I’ve got to decide on a back cover blurb and liaise with my cover designer on initial ideas. As this is a sequel I will need to go with the same style as before, so that makes this part a lot easier.

And that’s just the first part of the process, there’s a whole lot more to do before the story can see the light of day (or kindle).

But that’s a story for next week.


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