Week three update, I have some big news.

Another week has passed in self-isolation here in Devon. What can I tell you? A pretty good routine has been established. We both do things we enjoy, I write while Yvonne sews, knits and crochets. I guess we’re lucky, we’re … Continued

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Another week has passed

Another week has passed in self-isolation here in Devon. What have I learned so far? That we are a lot better off than we think. I hear that my daughter (the midwife) is having trouble getting food delivered where she … Continued

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Other things on my mind

There have been some changes, some good, some not so. In my little corner of England, everyone is talking to each other more, from a safe distance. We shout over the garden fence, exchange more conversation on our infrequent trips … Continued

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Never Have I Ever…

In place of the #OpenBook blog hop, I’m actually taking part in another one today. I spotted this writer tag on Marie Lavender’s blog, and I thought I’d jump in too! It was a chance to share a few facts about … Continued

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One thing leads to another.

And it has also led me to contemplate doing something that I swore I’d never do. Any excuse for some music from the 80s, it’s a crazy video but an addictive song. First of all, a bit of background. Way … Continued

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What’s the point in writing sequels?

Here’s a question for Saturday morning. What’s the point in writing sequels, if nobody ever reads the first part? This is a question that’s been bothering me for quite some time. As it stands, I currently have about seven, yes … Continued

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A new short Story. Or could it be more than that?

I’ve been a bit blocked recently. I’d hesitate to call it writer’s block, as I’m quite able to write. I can still see things in my head, the voices are in full flow, it’s just that I’m not able to … Continued

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