A different tack, Part two

Another week has passed in self-isolation here in Devon.

We have survived another week, even with the loss of the good weather, which has meant that we have seen less of our neighbours as we all stay indoors. Still, it’s another week nearer to an easing of the lockdown, I’ve been taking this chance to think about what sort of world will emerge with us. Hopefully, it will be a better place, a kinder, more community-minded and less money-orientated place.

We will see. I may well be expanding on that idea in future posts.

Revamp and Rebrand, part two.

I’m pleased to say that the operation has just about completed.

I have all my new covers now, they are uploaded and I’ve amended all the information on Amazon and Goodreads. In the process of amalgamating the editions on Goodreads, I found a few reviews that I didn’t know I had, thank you to everyone for them.

I’m quite amazed to find that overall, I have a Goodreads review/rating average of 4.40 over my 18 books, with 125 individual scores.

Here are the covers that I haven’t shown you yet, more fantastic work from Gill Trewick.

Horis Strongman,

The Orphan Detectives,


And my Upcoming adventure,

The Hitman and the Thief.

There is also a boxset of my Balcom novels,

You might be interested to know that Andorra Pett is involved in a Bookfunnel promotion, along with some other great novels, follow this link to see what’s on offer.


And there is also a promotion running for my prequel to the Balcom series, which is now a FREE download. Check it out and all the other books on offer at the following link.


All my publications can be found on my Amazon page, at

I hope everyone who reads this is coping and that your families are OK, stay inside and stay safe.

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