Watch out for a new publication on August 1st. Featuring a themed collection of short stories.

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The Galaxy is just a modern-day Wild West, with its fair share of good and bad guys, lawmen and outlaws.

Then there are the bounty hunters, who often operate on either side of the law.

Does that make them good or bad?

It’s hard to tell. Like the rest of us, they’re only doing whatever it takes to stay alive.

Over the past 27 weeks, I’ve been serialising The Adventures of Kalyn Deere, Bounty Hunter, on Medium.

The story is formatted like a T.V. series, with individual episodes and an overriding story arc.

The collection charts the exploits of the title character as she struggles to adjust to life away from the Navy.

Here’s more about the content.

There are space battles, tales of dodgy deals, missing people, murder, conspiracies and a whole lot more in the collection’s nineteen stories. All linked by the ongoing search for Kalyn’s father, and the mystery surrounding his disappearance.

The series has been popular on Medium, with quite a few regular readers. Their comments have encouraged me to start writing a second series of stories featuring Kalyn and her friends.

My designer and I have been working on a cover for the second book, this is what we have so far. I’m aiming to get it finished later this year.

If you aren’t a subscriber to Medium, you won’t have been able to read any of the stories.

So, to share the word, I’ve decided to make the collection available in an eBook for everyone to (hopefully) enjoy.

The Adventures of Kalyn Deere will be published on August 1st.

The stories are set in my Dave Travise universe, which many of you will be familiar with from these books.

A few familiar characters pop up, as well as some of the locations and themes featured in that series.

And now the important bit,

You can pre-order your copy by clicking here.

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