Write the book, see the movie. Or is it the other way around?

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Does your favourite genre of Film correspond with the one genre you write in?

Just about. It would be hard for it not to.

As you know, I write a fairly eclectic mixture of genres. All the way from Sci-fi and Steampunk to Fantasy and Psychological Thrillers, via Cozy Crime.

I do like to mix things up as well, some of my book’s subjects could be described as Cozy Crime in Space, Medical Romance Sci-fi and Reincarnation/Spiritual Karma.

This means that there’s a lot of scope for finding movies that tie in, my only stipulation is that they must be original and slightly off-the-wall.

My all-time favourites are the Sci-fi films of the 1950s and 60s. Films like The Day the Earth Stood Still, This Island Earth or Creature from the Black Lagoon.

They (and many others of that era) were so inventive and inspirational, at least to me. The fact that they very often mashed genres and tropes with unexpected and spectacular results means that I’m pretty sure that’s where I got my love of doing the same in my writing.

I do like a few of the more modern movies that adhere to the style I try to write, although I have to admit that I find a lot of the recent “great” movies formulaic and repetitive.

Strangely (or perhaps not when you know my quirky way of looking at things), I seem to like the films that everyone else dismisses.

Movies like Mortal Engines or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. And those with a plot that’s a bit out there, like Tenet or Reminiscence.

They all stoke the fires of my creativity and encourage me to plough my own furrow. I’m writing stuff that may not be commercial but which certainly pushes the boundaries.

My current works in progress cover such diverse ideas as Noir Sci-fi, Alternative Reality Paradoxes and far-future Corporate Conspiracy.

Perhaps the movies will catch me up one day?

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4 Responses

  1. Snapdragon

    A lot of older sci-fic and fantasy authors push boundaries in the genres they write in. I think of authors like Roger Zelazny or Phillip K. Dick. Their books books never fit into one genre. It always a blend of multiple genres.

    • Richard Dee

      Phillip K. Dick was a genius, I’d add Ray Bradbury to your list, along with Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.

    • Richard Dee

      I love some of the more obscure combinations of genre, and the results.

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