Holiday Author Tips

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Hi everybody and welcome back to my website. Today I’m going to be offering you some tips on keeping your author profiles active over the holiday season.
 Obviously, as an author you don’t want to lose your voice over the holiday season when everybody is distracted so the first thing you can do is remember to update your website and social media profiles. Make sure people are still noticing you/talking about you. Here’re a few tips on how to do that.
 So first of all, pre-schedule posts for the upcoming fortnight. Nobody really wants to spend their days over the holiday period so the less work you have to do when that time arrives the better. The biggest bonus to this is the free time you’ll have, and if you find yourself bored with a spare hour or two in that time, you can dedicate it to writing instead of posting to your page.
 The next big tip here is to create some content or some kind of release that you can schedule to come up on a certain day, like a Christmas day offer for example. You can queue posts on almost all social media sites and by doing so can have everything go up at once, linking to each other. Plus, a Christmas day offer on a book or some content for loyal fans will warrant a bit of a buzz about your work and keep your name fresh in people’s minds come the new year.
 Obviously, it is the holiday season so people don’t want to feel harassed so make sure if you’re a daily blogger as an author, to tone it down and maybe cut out a day or two over the holiday period. Not only will this ease the strain you feel but other people won’t get fed up of seeing you when they’re loading their media feeds for Christmas related content with friends and family.
 Finally, remember not to stress yourself out. It’s your holiday period too and if you don’t get up as much content as you wanted to, so long as you remain active online you can afford a more relaxed atmosphere than the rest of the year. People will expect as much over this period.
Hopefully you folks all have wonderful holiday times and return to the website on the 27th for the next update.
Thank you for reading.



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