Happy New Year

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It’s that time of year again, the time when we all look back on the last twelve months and look ahead to the next. Review our achievements and disappointments. I hope your 2016 was good and that 2017 will give you everything you need.

Personally, I published two books this year; I also finished writing three novels; one that had been on the go for a long time, one that was a recent idea and one that was totally unexpected.

Now I’m in that strange limbo where I’m waiting for the first impressions of my creations from my beta readers, it’s not a nice place to be, will someone else share my vision? Have I explained it properly? And all the other doubts that creep in. But comments are important and I have the power to change in response to them.

And looking forward I still have four novels part written, five if you count the short stories that I write when inspiration deserts me for the novels, there are nearly enough for another collection.

But the one thing that I don’t do enough of is marketing, and I think that lets me down in a big way. After all, if my writing is good, and the reviews suggest that it is, so why don’t I shout about it.

I was always told when I was a child, “don’t be boastful or a show-off,” and I think that colours my attitude to marketing, it’s a fact that we are all prisoners of our pasts and that’s something that we have to overcome.

So my new year’s resolution is to up my game when it comes to telling people about me and my work, now I just need to decide who’s advice to follow, everyone seems to be an ‘expert’ with their own methods and ‘fool proof system.’

It all starts with presence, I need to get my name out there and become recognisable. So I’m going to try to become a little bit more visible. Ahead of the publication of Myra in March I’m offering a free novel for the month of January. And my chosen one is Ribbonworld.



It’s been on sale a while and is selling reasonably well, it has good reviews and deserves a wider audience.

To get your FREE copy, just click HERE


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