Getting things straight.

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In swapping over from my old site to this, I had to back up all my posts and files. Now I’m here (so to speak since I haven’t moved) I have to put it all back together but of course there is a question. I can reinstate all the blog posts but would there be any point as a lot of them may no longer be relevant. So what I’m doing is sorting through them and picking out the useful and still current bits.

Mainly this is the progress of my third Novel, “The Rocks of Aserol,” a Steampunk adventure set in a quasi-Victorian world. There is an excerpt here, just the first couple of pages but maybe enough to interest you.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time writing this one; on and off for three years, originally it was going to be in two parts but is now a single story. My editor, as well as finding so many more mistakes than F7 did also gave me some useful pointers and suggested a sequel! Not only that she said,

“So, what did I think? I loved it. I don’t read too many ‘steampunk’ novels and I found yours to be an excellent read. I was drawn straight into the plot and characters. I think the success of this kind of work is with a decent plot. You can’t cover up a weak plot with a label, i.e. ‘steampunk’.”

Now I have to decide what to do with it, I’m looking for beta readers, if you’re interested in a sneak preview let me know.

I must plug my “old” blog as well, I started it in 2011 just after I moved back to Devon. It was supposed to be about my new simpler life only I never really got one. Instead it seems to have turned into a selection of my recipes, family things and general topics. There is so much there that I couldn’t explain it all.


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