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Just a reminder that Ribbonworld is on offer at the moment. A signed paperback copy can be yours for just £4 post free. Go here to get one. Here’s a review.

Format: Kindle Edition

Why do we read fiction? I guess the answer is for entertainment, pleasure, excitement, and for escapism from the day-to-dayness of everyday life.
Ribbonworld is all these with the added bonus of a murder to solve and all wrapped up in a fantastic package of offworld imagination.I had completely forgotten how much I used to enjoy sci-fi until picking up Richard Dee’s books.
A good book should take the reader out of familiar every-day life and transport you to that other world of imagination with ease and believability – and Ribbonworld certainly does both!Apart from the absorbing story, the believability of the setting, the interesting, intriguing characters and the thrill of the plot, the icing on the cake is the superb cover image! Love it!
Highly recommended




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