Normal Service

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As I said before it’s been a busy week so far but I have been trying to keep up with the writing. Now that I’ve had my hospital appointment (and it all went well, sedation is a wonderful thing!) I … Continued

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A busy week in prospect

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There may be a short delay in posting as this week is promising to be a busy one, with a hospital visit for me and various other things going on. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. … Continued

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4 Star

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I found another review of Ribbonworld online, this one for the paperback. I don’t know if it was from a purchase or one of the freebies that I have been leaving in coffee shops. Either way here is a screenshot. … Continued

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I’ve just found out that my main menu wasn’t appearing on mobile devices. It is now! Apologies if you hadn’t been able to see it,(although I realise that it may be too late for some but then they won’t be … Continued

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Up to date

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I’ve made a supreme effort and got myself up to date with my blogging. There are new bread recipes here and here. There a few pictures from my week here, now all I have to do is this post and … Continued

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Freefall is now in paperback.

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And to prove it, I have a copy in my hand. I got the proof yesterday and have checked it over. There were a couple of minor corrections, some of mine and one of theirs and I’ve sorted them out and … Continued

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I found the purple paint, so I’ve been busy painting the bathroom. The formal writing has suffered although my notebook is filling with ideas. I’ve managed to post on my Devon Life Blog and my Bread Blog though and you … Continued

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My debut novel Freefall left a few questions in people’s minds and I have been asked to explain them by several readers. To save me repeating myself, (and possibly telling everyone something different) I have been writing a ‘prequel’ which … Continued

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