What’s next? A look ahead to 2024.

As the year draws to a close, it’s time for me to plan what I’m going to do next.

I’ve had a look and I have at least thirteen half-finished projects that I can carry on with in 2024.

Which is two more than I had at the start of 2023!

They range from additions to current series to sequels to new ideas, from short stories to work that I’ve promised people that I’ll get on with (I’m sorry for keeping you all waiting).

And some of them have been waiting for a long time.

For example, way back in 2016, I released a story called Jungle Green. It was the second part of an intended series (The Balcom Dynasty) and, at the time of finishing it, I had an idea of how the story would progress in the third part. But I’ve done nothing more with it since, in a way it would be nice to tie up all the loose ends and get it done.

I even have a cover ready.

Similarly, my Horis Strongman Steampunk series needs a third part to round it all off and lead into the Orphan Detectives series, which uses the same world; but is set in a later time. Once again, I have a plot, all I need is the time to write it.

Then there’s another Andorra Pett crime novel to write. This will be the sixth adventure for my favourite character. The good news is that, so far, there’s no sign of me running out of ideas for her.

With everything I write, adding another part to a series or writing a sequel always raises the possibility of me discovering yet more potential avenues for my characters to explore, in further stories. You have to remember that all my series started as stand-alone stories. So far, Ive spun off from every series I’ve written.

While we’re (sort of) on the subject of stand-alone stories, according to my readers, at least two of them (Survive and Life and Other Dreams) also need sequels.

That leaves the new projects. Who knows what they might become?

That’s before any new ideas that I might get, not forgetting the two novels that are just about ready to be published.

Before I get started on all that, it only remains for me to wish you all the best for 2024.

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    • Richard Dee

      It’s nice to have a plan, no doubt something will happen to change it all. Happy New Year.

      • Stephen Bungay

        All the best in 2024! Lots of new stories springing forth from those that went before. Isn’t it fascinating how whole other lives come out of the woodwork? I love it!

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