A somewhat inconvenient paralysis of my writing muscle. Maybe a change of focus is required?

Now I’ve finished Where’s Lizzie? I would expect to be writing several thousand words a day on one of my other projects.

After all, I have enough half-finished work to be getting on with. I’m lucky to be able to say that writer’s block has never been much of an issue for me. Ideas abound and I can generally get around any loss of flow by switching between stories. 

Not this time. I’ve come to an abrupt halt. It’s not that I’m suffering from any sort of block, quite the opposite.

The simple fact is that I just can’t decide what to work on next.

I think it’s the fact that there are so many choices means that I can’t settle down to doing one. Instead of flat-out typing or dictating, I’m just making notes on each as they appear, biding my time.

Instead of carrying on with the novels, I’ve written five 1000-word flash fiction pieces, all of which have potential, even if I can’t focus on developing them right now.

So, I’m changing things up a little and moving away from new fiction. I’ve decided to try and do more on Medium. I need to find more publications that might be interested in my ramblings and arrange some content for them.

I already write for a couple of publications. The Fiction Writers Den is currently publishing a weekly instalment of Kalyn Deere’s adventures. And The Kraken Lore has a few of my flash fiction pieces. I’ve also discovered the joy of writing to visual prompts at Lodestar Gazette.

I need to find a publication for my introspective work, another for my world-building essays and maybe a different one for all the non-Kalyn short stories and flash fiction that I’m producing.

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