Book Review. Some Assembly Required by V.R. Tapscott. Jane Bond Part One.

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As a writer of Humourous Science Fiction myself, with my Andorra Pett series, I’m always on the look out for other offerings in this sub-genre.

This time, I’m focusing on the first Jane Bond novel, which seems to fit the bill.

Here are the details.

An alien pilot.

A chocolate cake.

A doomed relationship or two.

Jane’s life as an elementary school librarian gets sidetracked when she digs up the AI pilot of a 140 million year-old spacecraft.
Now, she’s running all over the world looking for spaceship parts, falling in and out of love and trying to keep her friends from thinking she’s crazy.
To make matters worse, the ship she’s recovering is starting to sound a bit more like the Death Star than the Millennium Falcon.

When did life get so complicated?

Join Jane for high-tech gadgets, action, adventure, and an alien intelligence for a sidekick, because it’s just as much fun to watch her get into trouble as seeing her get out of it!

You can find the book here.

My thoughts.

This story was not what I expected, in such a good way.

When I saw the blurb, I wondered just how the author would approach the premise, the answer is, brilliantly.

Jane Bond (it’s complicated), is an ordinary person, who has to adapt when extraordinary things start happening to her. Somehow, she juggles life and love with this new project. There are flashes of wry humour as Jane navigates her new life and a couple of places where I alternately gasped, winced and cringed at her plight.

As for the high technology that’s an essential part of the story, it’s treated well, the science is logical without too much explanation to slow things down while being detailed enough to make it all sound reasonable.

Without giving too much away, this is a treasure hunt worthy of Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, or any self-respecting globe-trotting adventurer.

Her sidekick on this quest is a real scene-stealing gem of a character.

Not only that, there’s a real twist at the end that sets things up nicely for the second part, Dark Side of the Moon.

Recommended Reading.

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