Life is a box of Crayons

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People are like a box of crayons, which crayon would you say that you are?

It’s funny but this prompt has reminded me of my days at primary school, when you could tell the child’s status by the crayons they had. The better-off pupils had proper wooden pencils in tin boxes with beautiful pictures on the covers, or even (bearing in mind that this was the early 1960s), felt-tipped pens with coloured inks.

The rest of us had wax crayons or the cheaper pencils that tended to have gritty bits in the pigment.

I would identify most closely with one of the multi-coloured pencils, with a very soft centre. You probably know the one I mean; it produces a fantastic range of colours and you never know which one will appear next.

This is also the one where the pigment core keeps breaking and you spend a lot of time sharpening it. Because it gets a lot of use, it’s shorter than the rest and doesn’t last as long.

The colour that comes out with each use has varied, according to the time of my life and my mood.  It started out vibrant and full of cheerful hues, a lot of the time recently (due to all manner of things) it’s been black but there have been occasional bursts of its old self.

I’d like to think that one day, it will return to its original state.

Before it becomes too short to be easily held.

Until next time.

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10 Responses

  1. Daryl Devore

    Hoping you find your way back to your multicoloured crayon.

  2. P.J. MacLayne

    We were only allowed to have crayons in grade school – no colored pencils. But you could still tell whose parents had more money. Did you have the 8 count box? or the 24? or did your parents go all out and buy the 64 count box?

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